CNC Routers


We are excited to introduce our CNC Router series The RTR-44 & The RTR-84! We at Spark Robotic like to disrupt markets by making well built machines that are made in America and supplied directly to the consumer at an affordable price. We have years of experience building plasma tables for our customers and we get asked frequently about a cnc router. We’re now happy to offer the RTR-44 and the RTR-84. Our RTR routers build off some of the same great design principles from our XR Series of CNC Plasma tables but with some key features that support a router platform. We believe the RTR router is one of the best in the market and comes in at a price 5-20 thousand less than our competitors.  Now let’s see what it can do, how it can improve your work flow, and bring value to your shop.


Included Features:



*Fully welded table option available on the RTR-44 and RTR-84 for $3,999 more
- Comes Pre-squared and Pre-assembled 
- Fully welded table for maximum rigidity
- Additional 3 inches of Z clearance 

Many options and upgrades available & coming soon:
Vacuum Dust collection system
ATC Spindle Option
Servo Motors
Threaded table boards
Threaded fixture plates
Cam style hold downs
CAM software
Rotary 4th axis
Tooling for:


(This Intro Pricing applies to the first 15 machines)


 For any questions reach out to ROUTER@SPARKROBOTIC.COM


If you are interested in purchasing a RTR-44 or RTR-84 please reach out to and answer the following questions:

1) What size machine are you interested in? (4'x4' or4'x8')

2) Will you be picking it up from our Asheville location or would you need a quote on shipping (if you need a quote on shipping, please provide and address and let us know if its business or residential) 

3) How did you hear about us?

4) What is your level of experience with CNC Routers?

5) Do you have one of our CNC Plasma tables?

6) The routers come with a laptop and control software for the machine but it does not come with CAM software, will you be needing CAM software

7) Will you need any other accessories? Vacuum dust collection system, custom table boards, tooling, work holding solutions, etc