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CNC XR Plasma table

Spark Robotic System Overview
FUSION 360 for Plasma 
Fusion 360 2d Array holes on circular and rectangular patterns
Fusion 360 For CNC plasma Mirror and Trim functions Spark Robotic 





CNC RTR Router Table

Click here for Router Assembly Instructions 



Planet CNC software
Planet CNC software will come pre-installed on the laptop supplied with your machine but if you have any issues, watch this video or feel free to reach out to us

Learn CAD (Computer Aided Design)


(Aspire, Cut2D, and VCarve For Absolute Beginners)


Fusion 360 3D design for beginners

Start here, learn how to get your designs from an idea into a 2D or 3D representation, then we can move to apply machine operations (next videos) to them to get your designs from the computer into the real world. 


Learn CAM (Computer Aided Machining)

 Go from computer design to a physical object by applying the proper machining operations to your material with these tutorials 

Vetric Machining Tutorial  


Fusion 360 Machining Tutorial


Machining Important Knowledge

Speeds and Feeds

'Speeds and Feeds' refers to the combination of spindle RPM and travel speed that will leave you material with a perfect cut or a rough cut, dialing in your own recipe of speed and feed will be essential for each of the different types of materials you plan on cutting. 

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