1.  make sure you have all your parts laid out, organized, and ready to assemble (See parts list)
  2. Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need (see tools list)
  3. Have a buddy willing to help, it’s much easier to assemble the table with two people, while the base of the table could be assembled by yourself: installing the gantry to the table will take a minimum of two people
  4. A set of two of saw horses is very helpful
1. Set your square tube rail on saw horses or the edge of a work Bench
2. Attach the 3 legs and tighten the leg bolts.  


3.  Attach the 5 triangular gussets to the legs. ON INITIAL ASSEMBLY ONLY HAND TIGHTEN THE GUSSETS BOLTS. Start with the bolts that go through the gussets into the square rails (hand tight) do not install the bolts and nuts though the gussets to legs yet, they will need to go through the cross members later in the installation

4. Repeat step 1-3 until both side rail/leg/gusset assemblies are assembled

5. Attach lower cross braces to one side rail assembly (may need to use a hand clamp to get cross members into legs)

6. Install lower cross members with the supplied nuts and bolts to the one assembled leg segment (3 on the front of the cross member, 1 on the rear of the cross member). Hand tight or barley snug as you might need some wiggle room to align the other sides bolts.

7. Slide the 3 lower cross members into the other side legs before you puts the bolts in. Once all three lower cross members are fit into the legs, put the 4 nuts and bolts in through each leg and cross member ‘finger tight’ (having the frame on sawhorses with the legs barley off the ground will come in handy at this point as you may need to wiggle the cross members around to align the bolt holes) 

8. Remove the saw hoses and Let the frame sit on the ground

9. Install the top cross members


10. Tighten up all the bolts in the frame (make sure the tops of the cross members are level to the side rails, may need to loosen and tighten bolts to achieve this )

11. Install the control / Vfd mount plate now to the back of the front crossmembers (twords the center of the cross members) with the supplied self tapping bolts

12. Install the U shaped center support bar (1 for the RTR 44 / 2 for the RTR 84)

13. Install the linear rail assemblies by attaching the 35 (per side) 1/4 - bolts (LEAVE THEM FINGER TIGHT, the rails will need to be adjusted for squaring the machine)


14. Install the gantry

15. Install the end caps (tighten bolts)

16. Square -  

Square procedure -

1) pull gantry all the way to the front until it hits the end caps
2) measure from inside to inside of the side plates (should be pretty close to 51”)
3) tighten the first top plate bolts on each side of the front top plate

4) note this exact measurement between the two side rails

5) move the gantry to the back of the machine
6) measure inside to inside on the top plates

7) adjust the top plates until the inside top inside measurement of the back matches that of the front and tighten the first bolts
8) tighten all the top plate bolts


17) Install the side drag chain trays

18) Install the wiring harness from the right side of the gantry along the right drag chain tray to the controller and VFD on the front of the machine 

19) Connect the wiring harness to the controller and vfd, run the power cable to the controller box

20) wire up power and the spindle to the VFD according to the diagram below

21) power up your VFD and input the correct settings


VFD settings











 22) verify the screen on the USB side of the control box is showing 4.85-5.05 volts at 24,000 RPM. If it is not, contact us and we will show you how to adjust it.