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Introducing three new CNC Routers from Spark Robotic: the RTR-44, the RTR-84 & the RTR-51!

Known for disrupting markets by making well-built machines at affordable prices, Spark Robotic makes all its products in America and supplies them directly to the consumer. Throughout our years providing customers with CNC plasma tables, we were frequently asked to recommend a CNC router that was up to our standards.  We're pleased to announce that we can finally recommend our very own RTR Series CNC Routers!  

At base, our RTR Routers share a proven design foundation with our light industrial XR Plasma Series. However, the RTR Routers also integrate several key features that we wanted to see in an industry-leading router platform.  Our goal was to design and engineer a CNC router that would work all day long with precision, speed, and reliability, all without breaking the bank. The result is the RTR Series of CNC Routers that outperform the competition while saving you $5,000 to $20,000 when compared to other router companies. 

After more than a year of highly focused prototyping, research, and testing, the RTR Routers have proven accuracy in cutting wood, foam, composites, and non-ferrous metals (i.e., aluminum and brass). You can find more info below on what the RTR Routers can do, including how they can improve your workflow and bring value to your shop.


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The Table

• Modular design that, while incredibly rigid, is still simple enough that you can assemble the base table in under 30 minutes. 

• Laser-cut steel tubing with oversized "tab and slot" plates welded on each end. These plates make for large, flat mating surfaces that join together perfectly, thus allowing for a massive amount of clamping force. 

• Laser-cut steel tubes are powder coated (in-house) to make sure they're perfectly aligned.

• Unlike many of our competitors, we use American-made steel in the structural components of our tables instead of extruded aluminum.

Drive System

• The RTR Routers use HG-23 linear bearings, as well as a rack-and-pinion drive with gear reductions on the X and Y motors for motion. 

• The Z axis uses a 16mm ball screw for maximum rigidity. 

• Our Z axis is reverse-mounted to keep dust and debris off the ball screw and bearings, as well as to maintain maximum rigidity near the bit--exactly where you want it.    

2.2kw (3HP) Spindle and VFD

• The RTR Routers use an air-cooled 3 horsepower spindle controlled by a VFD (variable frequency drive) with an RPM range of 8k to 24k. 

• We tested air-cooled vs water-cooled and found that air-cooled heat dissipation was as good, if not better, than water-cooled at 8000+ RPM.  This allows our machines to operate without a liquid cooling system, meaning you don't need to worry about leaks, evaporation, maintenance, or mold growing in the spindle. 

• The spindle uses ER-20 to hold cutters up to 1/2" and comes with a 14-piece collet set from 1/2" all the way down to 1/16".

• The VFD is completely controlled by the integrated software. Your g-code will automatically set the spindle RPM, so you won't need to turn the spindle on or off or set the RPM before each cut.

Planet CNC Controller and Software

• We tested over a dozen different software packages and chose Planet CNC because it supported the many different needs of our customers while also being comprehensive, customizable, and user

• Planet CNC is capable of 9-axis control with 8 digital outputs and 3 PWM outputs.

High-Power Servo Motors

• The accuracy and speed of high-power, closed-loop servo motors are without comparison. We have run these machines at over 3000 in/min without losing any steps. 

• This combination of performance and reliability is what our customers expect from Spark Robotic.  On top of all the other design and engineering choices we made, we're excited to be able to feature these servo motors on all of our routers while managing to keep our prices lower than the competition.

    Hardware Specs

  • Modular design with a fully-welded gantry and 3 fully-welded leg sections fabricated from American-made, laser-cut steel tubing
  • 60 holes for mounting a table board
  • Heavy-duty, hardened, precision 23mm linear rails
  • 10 oversized linear bearings
  • Gear and rack drives on both the X and Y axes
  • Precision mechanical gear reductions on both the X and Y axes
  • High-Power Servo motors on all axes
  • 2.2 kw (3HP) spindle with VFD control (110 or 220V)
  • Laptop included
  • Automotive-style wiring harness

    Additional Specs

  • Travel and Size:
    • X-Axis travel: 51"
    • Y-Axis travel: 99"
    • Z-Axis travel: 8" (7" work area minus spoil board thickness)
    • Z Clearance (from table to gantry): 10"
    • Machine Width (at widest part of the gantry): 73"
    • Machine Depth: 111"
  • Spindle
    • RPM: 8000 - 24000 (+/- 5%)
    • Power: 2.2kW (220v)
    • Tooling: ER-20 collets
  • Feed Rates
    • Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z): 3000 in/min (software limit set to 500 in/min, but this can be changed by the customer)
    • Max cutting feed rate (X/Y/Z): 3000 in/min (software limit set to 500 in/min, but this can be changed by the customer)
  • Power Requirements
    • 2x 110V outlets for controlling the unit and the laptop
    • 220V outlet, 6 amp for spindle
  • Warranty
    • Electrical: 2 years
    • Mechanical: 3 years
    • Laptop: 3 months


    The RTR Routers come as kits or fully-assembled. They can be freight shipped, delivered by Spark, or picked up at our production facility in Mars Hill, North Carolina. You will need a forklift to remove the fully-assembled machine from a trailer or truck bed. A kit can be removed part-by-part by one person from the Spark delivery trailer, with the exception of the gantry, which requires two people to lift out safely. If the kit is freight shipped, it will be crated and will require a forklift to safely unload from the truck
  • Assembled RTR-84 Crate is roughly 120"x68"x73" & weighs about 1375LBS
  • RTR-84 kit crate is roughly 120" x 56" x 37" & weighs about 1285LBS
  • Assembled RTR-44 Crate is roughly 73" x 68" x73" & weighs about 1050LBS
  • RTR-44 kit crate is roughly 73" x 56" x 37" & weighs about 950LBS
  • RTR-51 comes as a fully welded table at roughly 1550 LBS 140" x 88" x 60"

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