Our Recommendations for outside accessories 

These are products we don't sell but recommend for customers almost daily, if you click on the button it will take you to an amazon direct link. It helps us out to purchase through these links and doesn't cost you anymore. Since its Amazon, the prices we have listed here may change a little. We appreciate you. 

Tram gauges perfect for getting your spindle square

SST Mill & Lathe Tramming System


Tramming Gauge

4" x 50’ Ultra Flex Clear Vue Heavy Duty PVC Dust and Debris Perfect for plumbing your dust collection system 

Great quality and made in America


Dust Hose

21mm top wrench for ER20 spindles


21mm wrench

30mm wrench for er20 spindle nut


30mm wrench

Amana straight flute router bits

These bits/ end mills work great for contoring , pocketing, or surfacing.

avalible in many sizes.


straight flute