CNC Router Tables

  • RTR KIT Series

    Designed using modular components that allows you to assemble the router where ever it needs to go.

    • Available in sizes 4'x4' & 4'x8'

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  • RTR PRO Series

    Fully welded steel frame router machines, designed for maximum rigidity.

    • Available in sizes 4'x4' 4'x8' 4'x12' 5'x10' & 6'x12

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  • RTR PRO ATC Series

    All the benefits of the RTR PRO but with the integrated robotics of a maintenance-free ATC spindle, offering exceptional precision, durability, and performance for professional users.

    • Available in sizes 4'x4' 4'x8' 4'x12' 5'x10' & 6'x12

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CNC Router Series from Spark Robotic

Spark Robotic is known for building outstanding American-made CNC machines with top tier customer support. After years of providing our customers CNC plasma tables, we're proud to expand our product line of CNC machines with the RTR PRO Series and RTR KIT Series.

Our CNC routers share a proven design foundation with our industrial grade XR Plasma Series. However, the CNC routers also integrate several key features that we wanted to see in an industry-leading router platform. Spark Robotic's goal was to design and engineer an affordable CNC router that would work day after day with precision, speed, and reliability. As a result, our RTR Series CNC Routers outperform the competition and save you up to $50,000.

After more than a year of highly focused prototyping, research, and testing, the RTR Routers have proven accuracy in cutting wood, foam, composites, and non-ferrous metals. You can find more info below on our CNC routers technical specification and functionalities. Including how they can improve your workflow and bring value to your shop as well as which one of our routers is right for you.

  • Warranty

    • Electrical: 2 years
    • Mechanical: 3 years
    • Laptop: 3 months
  • Shipping

    The RTR Routers come as kits or fully-assembled. Your order can be freight shipped or picked up at our production facility in Mars Hill, North Carolina. A forklift or skid steer with pallet forks is required to safely remove the machine from the freight truck. A complete listing of our shipping policies can be found here.

    • RTR-44 PRO crate is roughly 73" x 68" x 73" & weighs about 1100 LBS
    • RTR-44 KIT crate is roughly 73" x 56" x 37" & weighs about 950 LBS
    • RTR-84 PRO crate is roughly 120" x 68" x 73" & weighs about 1375 LBS
    • RTR-84 KIT crate is roughly 120" x 56" x 37" & weighs about 1285 LBS
    • RTR-51 is fully welded and the crate is roughly 140" x 88" x 60" & weighs about 1550 LBS

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