A repository for information related to the RTR accessories.

  • Step 1

    Put batteries in the handwheel
  • Step 2

    Plug in the wirless antenna for the handwheel
  • Step 3

    Close and reopen Planet CNC
  • Step 4

    Click on settings at the top center of the screen
  • Step 4 Cont.

    Click on "handwheel" on the left side of the settings screen.
  • Step 4 Cont.

    Make sure Wireless Handwheel is Enabled (check the circle if it didnt do it automatically). Make sure none of the steps are checked for modes 1-5.
  • Step 5

    Set Modes 1-5 speeds. i like to start with (Mode 1 - 1) (Mode 2 - 5) (Mode 3 - 25) (Mode 4 - 100) (Mode 5 - 250)
  • Step 5 Cont.

    Click OK
  • Step 6

    Turn off and on Planet cnc. Turn off and on the Wireless handwheel (silver buttom at the top right). If it worked as it should the wireless handhweel should now display the work coordanetes and alow you to jog the gantry and z axis by using the left knob to select the axis to move and the right knob to select the speed to move the axis.

Tech Documentation and Installation of the 15 Watt Opt Diode Laser

Opt 15 Watt Diode laser
  • Base feeds and power settings

  • Laser tech info

  • Opt Laser's Website

  • Opt Laser's YouTube page

  • Vectric Laser Module

  • Opt Laser Facebook Users Group

  • ImagR

  • Opt Laser Facebook File section