RTR Router Electrical Requirements

We commonly get asked what electrical requirements are needed for the RTR router and its accessories.

The control box - 110V 

The Laptop - 110V

The Spindle / VFD - 220v 6 Amp single phase. The spindle can be run on 110v at full power with a 110v to 220v step up that we offer for sale in the RTR accessories page.   

The Black Box Vacuum pump kit - 220V 30 amp Single phase. 

The Rikon dust collectors  - 110v 


With the VFD / Spindle:  there is a short input wire with a male NEMA L6 30R connector.  We supply the matching female connector. you will need to supply the 220v wire and the 220 nema plug that matches your wall outlet if you are not directly wiring it to your breaker. We do not supply the wire because we don't know how far away from your wall outlet you are placing your machine and we do not supply the 220v nema male plug because there are many different styles and we do not know what type of wall connector each customer has. 


VFD and input cord

This is a short input wire with a male NEMA L6 30R connector and the matching female connector.

  • L6-30 connector

    This is supplied with the Router.
  • L6-30 connector

  • L6-30 connector