Router Trouble Shooting

Common CNC Router issues and how to fix them. 

  • Your spindle should be spining clockwise if you were looking from the top down

  • Note:

    If your spindle is spining counter clockwise you will get: Rough cuts, burnt cuts, broken bits.
  • How to fix this

    On your VFD swap the wires U and V

  • Check if a motor is faulted out

  • if you have a faulted out motor you will have a red light flashing on that servo. To fix this turn the control box off for 3 seconds and turn it back on. This will reset the servo.

    If this does not fix your single axis not moving see if you hit a soft limit in the software.
  • If you hit a soft limit in the software either your X, Y or Z will be red. check in the work tab and in the machine tab.
  • Resetting a soft limit

    Click on the red X, Y or Z to re-zero that axis and see if you regain the abilty to move that axis in both directions, if you do then re-home your machine.
  • If you did not fault a servo or hit a soft limit in the software check and see if you are hitting an actual limit.

  • If you hit an actual limit either your machine or work is too far from the work envelope (too close to the lmits of the table) and you either need to move the work coordantes away from the phisical limit or adjust the size of the toolpath..

    if this is not the case either but you have a lmit light in the software lit up you may have a faulty sensor, give us a call for further diagnosis.
  • Check that the motor outputs are correct.

    In settings go to motors and see if (generally) axis 3 and 4 outout is set to Y.
  • These should be the right settings allthough a few boxes could have diffent outputs and reverse / inverts. Call us if you are running into issues.
  • Note

    usually this problem occurs because the "square" button was pressed without squarting being setup
  • verify your control box is on and that planet cnc TNG software recognizes that and is conected to the controler. one or both of the bottom 2 led light in the software will be green if it is conected. if they are gray or another color it might nit be conected.

  • connected

  • not connected

  • make sure your control box is on

    it seems obvious but it happens.
  • make sure you planet cnc firmware is updated, your control card firmawar, and your laptop software is updated

    To update the planet cnc tng software: at the top of the screen click 'help' then 'check for updates'. To update your control card: at the top of the screen clikc 'Machine' then 'controller' then 'Firmware update' . To update your computer: click the windows button usually at the bottom left, Power, if there is an update you will see and orange dot near the power button .
  • Check and see if the wire to the control box labeled 'RELAY' is plugged in correctly and fully. The servos get their power from this cord and it should be plugged in all

    If you checked all of these and still have no movment, give us a call and we'll trouble shoot the issue further.
  • make sure the color between the z motor and the ball screw is tight on both screws.

  • top and bottom

  • Make sure your steps per unit are set correctly.

    in the Planet cnc tng software, clikc on 'settings' at the top of the screen, then 'Steps per unit' then make sure the z is set to 8128 ST/IN
  • Check if a motor is faulted out

    if you have a faulted out motor you will have a red light flashing on that servo. To fix this turn the control box off for 3 seconds and turn it back on. This will reset the servo. then home the machine
  • Digital backlash compensation

    In settings: Go to Backlash (on the left) and add .01 to both x and y and make sure the radio buttons at the bottom are both set to enable then click okay.
  • Make sure all your dip switches on the servos are the same and correct.

    1 - on / 2 - off / 3 - on / 4 on / 5 - off / 6 - off NOTE: all the motors should be set the same but the orentaiton of the y motors is that they're upside down.
  • Check that the X and Y grub screws are tight

    The gear should be centered on the rack. Use a 1/8 allen and make sure the grub screw is aligned with the key way in the planetray output shaft and that it is tight.
  • Make sure the x&y internal planetary lock collar bolt its tight

    On Planetries on x and y there are little black plastic caps that can be removed. when removed (with the machine off) you can move the x carriage or gantry back and forth by hand to spin the planetary (internally). shine a light in the hole and move the gantry or x carriage back and forth until the head of the bolt internally aligns with the hole and insert a 5/32 allen key to tighten the bolt.
  • If you still get sliping or poor cutting, please contact us.

Planet CNC TNG Controller Disconecting

The controller can disconnect for a few reasons. Mostly though it's caused by electrical interference on the ground. We have taken many precautions to battle electrical interference but here are some things you can do to set yourself up to not have this issue.

- Make sure your controller, laptop, and VFD are on separate electrical circuits.

- Make sure your wires are not looped or tangled

- Make sure your electoral system has a good ground, if your facility's ground is not very good you may need to drive a ground rod near the table to ground the frame of the table.

Make sure you are not using a long usb cord

- If you still have disconnection issue you can try a usb opto isolator or a noise filtering power strip (link bellow) 

EMI Filter