CNC Plasma Tables

Plasma tables from Spark Robotic combine engineering with intuition, placing ingenuity alongside durability at the forefront. Our welded frame CNC-ready plasma tables are as sleek as they are tough and with several sizes available, our products are designed and manufactured for industry professionals, master craftsmen, and business-startups alike.

Your product is made to order in our Mars Hill factory with technology and processes up to and exceeding the industry standards. Our automotive-style of manufacturing streamlines any upgrades, repairs, and replacement parts you may want or need for your hardworking robot’s upkeep over the years. Our crew of CNC experts will walk you through the process and train you in-house as you learn how to get your designs from CAD to the plasma cutter. We offer a variety of table sizes including a 4x4, 8x4, and 5x10.


    The XR-44 is more compact and practical for your space-efficiency needs, yet with the same steel frame as the larger tables.

    • 4'3" X axis by 4'3" Y axis

    $9,499 $8,999

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    The XR-84 is our flagship table and our most popular size. With fully motorized X, Y, and Z axes, a tough welded steel frame, and a torch height control collision detection mount for accuracy and repeatability.

    • 4'3" X axis by 8'3" Y axis

    $10,499 $9,999
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    The XR-51 is our largest table optimized for performance. It includes planetary gear reduction on the X and Y axes, hardened linear V rails on the X axis, a linear rail on each of the dual motor Y axes, and built in torch height control.

    • 5'3" X axis by 10'3" Y axis

    $12,499 $11,999
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    Included with our CNC Plasma Tables

  • Torch Height Control: High speed integrated Collision detection torch mount with height control 
  • Automotive inspired modular wiring harness with advanced cable management 
  • High precision planetary gear reduction on the X and Y axis
  • Control software on a flash drive or *optional laptop
  • Laser cut and fully welded gantry and frame 
  • 2.75” deep Water table, slats , and slat support 
  • Hardened steel linear guide rails on the Y and Z axis
  • Hardened American made V rail on the X axis
  • Heavy duty linear bearing on all axes
  • NEMA 23 Dual-shaft Stepper Motors (76mm + 100mm)
  • Integrated E-Stop switch
  • Industry leading tech support 

    Included Warranty

  • 2 years electrical (3 months on the laptop)
  • 3 years mechanical

    Travel & Size

  • XR-44:
    • X-Axis travel: 51"
    • Y-Axis travel: 51"
    • Z-Axis travel: 8"
    • Z Clearance (from water pan bottom to gantry): 10"
    • Machine Width (at widest part of the gantry): 74"
    • Machine Depth: 71"
  • XR-84
    • X-Axis travel: 51"
    • Y-Axis travel: 99"
    • Z-Axis travel: 8"
    • Z Clearance (from water pan bottom to gantry): 10"
    • Machine Width (at widest part of the gantry): 122"
    • Machine Depth: 73"
  • XR-51
    • X-Axis travel: 61"
    • Y-Axis travel: 122"
    • Z-Axis travel: 8"
    • Z Clearance (from water pan bottom to gantry): 10
    • Machine Width (at widest part of the gantry): 88"
    • Machine Depth: 144"

    Proma CNC Controller and MyplasmCNC Software:

  • Following items are included: USB controller, plasma interface (RS485) and a USB cable
  • Basic functions of the program / Controller:
    • Max range of the machine: No restrictions
    • The minimum pulse width Step Auto
    • STEP signal max frequency: 350kHz
    • Integrated height adjuster: Yes (THC)
    • Torch anti-dive function: Yes
    • Detection of material: Yes Touch / Floating head
    • Operation Collision Sensor: YES
    • Types of accepted files: DXF, PLT (HPGL), G-codes (.tap)
    • Integrated CAM: Yes, MyMiniCAM
    • Automatic object recognition: YES
    • Analysis of the path ahead: YES
    • Operation using GamePad controller: YES
    • Can be cut from anywhere: YES
    • Can be cut from the material edge: YES
    • Supported Controllers: CNC MyPlasm
    • Import DXF, PLT or G-CODES
    • Automatic generation of offset paths, lead-ins and lead-outs
    • The program can be used with an external CAM program
    • Separate speed functionality
    • Correction of the project to the angle of the material
    • Soft and Hardware Limits
    • THC functionality
    • Detection of material through the touch system, a floating head or both

    Power requirements

  • 2x 110v outlets for laptop + controller
  • 1x 220v outlet for plasma generator


    The XR Plasma Tables come fully-assembled. They can be freight shipped, delivered by Spark, or picked up at our production facility in Mars Hill, North Carolina. You will need a forklift to remove the fully-assembled machine from a trailer or truck bed.
  • Assembled XR84 Crate is roughly 120" x 68" x 73" & weighs about 1500 LBS
  • Assembled XR44 Crate is roughly 73" x 68" x 73" & weighs about 1200 LBS