Plasma Gantry Kit

Build your own table kit (everything except for the table/frame)
Included In this Kit:
  • Fully loaded gantry with z axis , y and x motors, and bearing blocks.
  • Drag chain
  • Harness
  • Controller box
  • Laptop with pre installed software.
  • Side plate rails with linear rail and gear racks pre installed.
  • Side plate mounting square tubing Pre drilled and threaded to accept the side plate rails.
4'x8' starting at $7,500 - Contact for more information

Retro Fit Control Package Kits

Retro Fit Kits

Spark Robotic also has retro fit kits available starting at $3,000.00 plus shipping.  We have successfully retrofitted multi makes including Torchmate and TruCut.

Give us a call at 828-782-3279 with any questions or to see what we have to offer for you and your business. Call us directly for orders as we are currently setting up our online shopping center. 

Precision Plasma LLC supplies mechanical gantry kits to allow DIY fabricators the ability to fabricate a high quality CNC plasma and routing table without the need to engineer or source the mechanical components. A 5x10 table can be constructed in 40 hours which saves DIY builders thousands of dollars + shipping costs compared to purchasing a complete table.

Precision Plasma LLC provide you with blueprints on how to assemble one of our tables and water pans. After the table is welded up, all you have to do is place the gantry on your table and start cutting. 


$3,000.00 +$150.00 for shipping Contact for more information





Spark Robotic Control Package

The Spark Robotic control package includes:

  • Z-axis
  • ControlX control box
  • Fully loaded Windows10 laptop
  • ControlX software and licensing.

Spark Robotic provides high quality, affordable CNC products. The industrial quality control package includes 4 Prewired stepper motors, Control X control box, Our Zed-1 Z axis, and a high quality Windows 10 laptop with all required software. 

The ControlX box houses one of the most robust and seamlessly designed control packages on the market. The stepper drivers are rated for 2x's the amperage needed to run our motors and the 1000 watts of available power will never be stressed even during the most demanding days of making you money.  

The Zed-1 Z axis comes complete with a collision detect torch mount and solid state proximity sensors. No cheap mechanical switches to break.  

Complete Package Price $3,500.00 plus $150.00 for shipping Contact for more information