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Spark Robotic

CNC Router Control / RetroFit

CNC Router Control / RetroFit

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Spark Robotic provides high quality, affordable CNC products. The industrial quality control retrofit includes, ControlX control box, and and all required software. 

  • The Spark Robotic Router Control Package includes:
    • ControlX control box
    • Spark Robotics PlanetCNC software and licensing
    • Ethernet connection and RS 485 Modbus connections for VFD
    • 4 Axis (5 motor) up to 5.5 amp stepper outputs
    • 24v limits for each axis
    • Outputs for additional I/O 
    • Waterproof connectors to wire in your existing motors and limits
    • Fully capable of supporting ATC functions
  • Optional Additions:
    • Windows 11 Laptop
    • Pro Z-axis
    • Hiteco Spindle
    • Spindle Cable
    • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
    • Pre-wired NEMA 23 or 34 stepper motors with a variety of power and shaft options
    • NEMA 23 and 34 servo options
    • Planetary Gearboxes

The ControlX box houses one of the most robust and seamlessly designed control packages on the market. The stepper drivers are rated for 2x's the amperage needed to run most stepper motors and the 1000 watts of available power will never be stressed even during the most demanding days of making you money. 

Control Retrofit pricing begins at $3,000.00 plus $150.00 for shipping.

**Additional items can be added to customize your Control RetroFit. For custom motor sizes and planetary gearboxes, please call us at (833) 782-3279 ext 2

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