Opt Laser Tech Documentation

Installation and cutting information for using the Opt Diode lasers with Planet CNC on a Spark Robotic RTR Router

Note before install: Some early customers may receive their opt laser with a new control box. please set up the new control box to switch out with their original first before the laser installation.

To do this

1) Mount your new control box and plug in all the wiring harness connectors, power cord, and USB cable.

2) Turn on your control box and Planet CNC Software on your laptop. Get your new license activation code that was emailed to you. if you did not receive it, email us and we will send it to you.

3) In the email that was sent to you with your license, highlight the license code, right click on it, and select 'COPY". In planet cnc goto HELP -> LICENSE MANAGEMENT -> LICENSES -> click the IMPORT button. your license should auto-populate this section.

4) Click on the SETTINGS -> CONNECTION -> double click the new license in the center box (it should be under the 'simulation' option). It should populate the PRIMARY CONTROLLER field. Click OK and turn off the Planet CNC software and turn it back on.

5) Make sure you have two green dots in the lower left hand corner to indicate your control is communicating with the laptop/ software. jog the table around with the keyboard buttons (left/right = X Up/Down = Y Page up / Page Down = Z) to make sure everything is working properly.

The profile loaded on the new control boxes is our most up to date control box but it is based on generic inputs/outputs so some axis might need to be reassigned (as in commanding the x to move might move the z axis) or inverted (as in commanding the x to move right makes it move left). If any of this is the case, contact us and we'll get your settings sorted out.  

  • Step 1

    Mount the Laser on the spindle cover with the two thrumb screws
  • Step 2

    Plug in the supplied laser comuniction cable to the control box
  • Step 3

    Conect the supplied laser comunication cable to the right side of the laser control box
  • NOTE

    Make sure the cable is clocked to the top
  • Step 4

    Conect the laser output cable to the left side of the laser control box (its the long Gray cable) at this time you donbt need to worry about running the cable in the drag chain, lets get everything hooked up first and make sure it works
  • Step 5

    connect the power cord to the top of the laser control box and plug the other end into your power outlet (use the american style 110V power conector adapter that is supplied)
  • Step 6

    Conect the laser output cable to the laser.
  • NOTE

    The end of the output cable that conects to the laser is the side with only 4 cables
  • Step 7

    Press the red button to power on the Laser
  • NOTE

    The Armed light should come on and you should hear the laser's internal fan come on. If this does not happen you may need to turn the key thats supplied
  • Step 8

    Goto the planet cnc software and click on FILE -> IMPORT PROFILE
  • Step 9

    Load the laser profile. you can find a download for that profile on this page.
  • NOTE

    you will need to go into your settings and doble click on you license so it populates the PRIMARY CONTROLER line, then click okay.
  • Step 10

    Click on the spindle on button at the top of the screen. This should turn on the laser
  • NOTE


Programing CAM for your OPT Laser

We have set this up to work with Vectric Software (V carve pro / Aspire). You will need the laser extenson module that you can purchase from them

Laser extension module
  • Step 1

    Open your vectric software after you have downloaded and installed the laser extension module. Define your stock size and your work coordenates.
  • Step 2

    Create or import your design
  • Step 3

    Add a laser tool path to the design
  • NOTE

    You May need to add the laser as a new tool in your library. The Kerf is .007 For speeds/feeds on the laser, see graphic bellow.
  • Step 4

    Verify the tool paths are how you want
  • Step 5

    Post Process the tool paths with the DIGITAL WOOD CARVER LASER MODULE.
  • Step 6

    Save your post processed tool path to a thumb drive and bring it over to your planet cnc laptop. open the file in Planet cnc and set your work coordenates and press play to begin.
  • NOTE

    THE RECOMENDED FOCAL DISTANCE IS 3MM FROM THE SURFACE OF THE STOCK. - For speeds/feeds on the laser, see graphic bellow.

Laser Profile Download Link

This is a link to download a .zip file. Do not unzip it.

Note - To switch back and forth from the laser to the router you will need to load the router profile before using the machine as a router or the laser profile before you use the machine as a laser. We are working on a software update that will control the laser power output via g code (not with S words). This will allow you to use the router or laser without needing to import a differnt profile every time you switch. it will be one profile for both tools.

Laser Profile
  • Base feeds and power settings

  • Laser tech info