Post Processor Digital Downloads

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This Post Processor is for 4th axis users only.

Latest Planet CNC TNG Profile. Before loading this one be sure to save your old profile as a backup.

Note: This profile is pulled from a test machine. Your machine may have different motor outputs, different motor directions, different limits, different limit switch outputs. different steps per unit. This machine is setup for modus spindle control not frequency spindle control. You will have to note all of these settings from your previous profile , load the new profile and update them. You may have to go back and forth between profiles to make sure all the settings are correct in the new profile for your machine. The steps per unit in the new profile is setup for 4000 steps per revolution on the servos so make sure your dip switches are set up for that.

Vacuum Plenum File

With this Plenum file you will need to add the tool-paths according to the bits you are using, as well as their speeds and feeds and the fitting sizes. Also take into consideration where your bolt heads are, where the machines cross beams are, and make sure your drain size will fit in the center hole.

These files were designed for the KIT RTR tables and need to be modified to work with the PRO Table.

Digital Download Installation Videos