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XR44 - 4x4 CNC Plasma Table

XR44 - 4x4 CNC Plasma Table

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Plasma Table

More compact and practical for your space-efficiency needs, yet with the same steel-frame design as the larger tables, this is our most affordable machine. Outfitted with all the high quality hardware and software of the rest of Spark Robotics’ products, our 4x4 unit sacrifices nothing in performance. A laptop computer is an optional addition and comes with the necessary software pre-installed. If you do not require a computer with your machine, you will receive a flash drive with the necessary software for manual installation.

All these features come standard:

    • Torch stand to Collision detection torch mount with height control
    • Wiring harness to Automotive inspired modular wiring harness
    • Gear driven to High precision planetary gear reduction
    • 4’3” X axis by 4’3” Y axis




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