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Hypertherm® 85 Amp Mechanized Cutting Cartridge (Qty 5) #428934

Hypertherm® 85 Amp Mechanized Cutting Cartridge (Qty 5) #428934

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Item Details

  • 85 A mechanized cartridges provide optimal production performance when cutting within the thickness range of 10 mm (3/8″) to 16 mm (5/8″) thick. Exceeding optimal thickness range can result in decreases in speed and cut quality. To maximize cartridge life and performance select the correct amperage cartridge for the workpiece you are cutting.


  • 85 A mechanized cutting cartridges are compatible with:
  • SmartSYNC™ torches for the Powermax85/105 SYNC™ systems
  • Duramax® torches using a torch adapter* for Powermax85®/105 systems
  • Mechanized cartridges can also be used on hand torches if cutting with a stand-off is desired

Product Attributes

Consumables Type

  • Cartridge

Torch Model

  • Powermax85 SYNC
  • Powermax105 SYNC

Torch Amperage

  • 85 A
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