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SpotNails Composite Nailer KIT

SpotNails Composite Nailer KIT

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We have worked with Spotnails to be able to offer this Composite nailer kit.  A composite nail is essentially a plastic nail you can shoot into your stock to hold it to your spoil board.

The beauty of it being plastic is that your end mill / bit can run through it without damaging the bit, unlike a metal nail. 

The kit comes with:

  • CB1538C nailer 
  • 2000 pack of 1.5" nails
  • 2000 pack of 1" nails

New from Spotnails, this composite finish nailer (CB1538C) is designed to drive 1/2" to 1-1/2" 15 gauge plastic composite finish nails. The composite finish nails provide long-term resistance to chemicals, sunlight and moisture. These plastic composite fasteners can be sanded, shaped, and cut without damage to router bits, cutting blades, or sanding belts. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, combined with industrial strength components, the CB1538C is comfortable, maneuverable and durable. Additional features on this Spotnails composite finish nailer include a 360 adjustable exhaust, aluminum magazine, bump fire trigger, loading indicator, quick clear nose, and ergonomic rubber grip for comfort

The CB1538C includes a manufacturer's one-year limited warranty. The Spotnails CB1538C is excellent for CNC fixturing, CNC spoilboard nailing, cabinets, decorative trim, furniture, molding, window casings, wood boat building, PVC millwork and trim. This 15 gauge composite finish nailer works exclusively with 15 gauge plastic composite finish nails.

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