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Spark Robotic

Proma Interface Box

Proma Interface Box

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Plasma interface only. Following items are not included (USB controller and a USB cable)

Basic functions of the program / Controller:

  • Max range of the machine: No restrictions
  • The minimum pulse width Step Auto
  • STEP signal max frequency: 350kHz
  • Integrated height adjuster THC: Yes
  • Function anti-dive burner: Yes
  • Detection of material: Yes Touch / Floating head
  • Operation Collision Sensor: YES
  • Types of accepted files: DXF, PLT (HPGL), G-codes (.tap)
  • Integrated CAM: Yes, CAM MyMini
  • Wen automatic object recognition. Ext. : YES
  • Analysis of the path ahead: YES
  • Base cutting parameters: YES
  • Correction angle to the material design: YES
  • Operation using GamePad controller: YES
  • Can be cut from anywhere: YES
  • Can be cut from the end: YES
  • Supported Controllers CNC: CNC MyPlasm
  • Operation controllers and motherboards from other manufacturers: NO
  • Ability to work through the LPT port: NO
  • Import DXF, PLT or G-CODES
  • Automatic generation of offset paths, entrances and departures
  • The program can be used with an external CAM program
  • Separate speeds hole
  • base parameters
  • Correction of the project to the angle of the material
  • Soft and Hardware Limits
  • Functions THC 
  • Detection of material through the touch system, a floating head or both.
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