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Spark Robotic

Rikon Cyclone Dust Collector

Rikon Cyclone Dust Collector

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• Dust Collection Keeps Your Shops Air Breathable
• 1.75 HP TEFC Motor
• Casters For Mobility
• 4″ & 6″ Hose Inlet
• Safety Lock Toggle Switch

A newly designed impeller that reduces stress on the motor while meeting or exceeding air flow compared to other cyclones in their class. This reduced stress allows the motor to operate cooler, more efficient and has up to 33% less amperage draw on your electrical circuit and up to 33% less cost to operate. The new impeller design, with less weight, will also improve the longevity of the motor. Each unit is also equipped with remote control start functions that operate on Bluetooth® RF band technology which increases range and ability to operate the unit from a different room.

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