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RTR PRO ATC Router Includes:

  • Fully Welded Steel Table Frame and Gantry
  • Servo Motors with High Precision Planetary Gear Reduction  
  • Fully enclosed Control Box
  • Laptop (complementary Windows 11 laptop is included. *A new high spec CAD/CAM laptop is available upon request for $2,200)
  • 9 Axis Planet CNC Control software  
  • Rack and gear on the Y and X axis   
  • Spindle LinQ spindle control
  • 2 Year Mechanical and Technical Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Additional Standard Accessories:

  • Heavy Duty Z Axis
  • Wireless Handwheel
  • Tool Setter
  • Touch Probe
  • Toolbar
  • ISO 30 tool tightening fixture
  • Solenoid(s)
  • Valve(s)
  • Custom Planet CNC TNG software optimized for an ATC Spindle
  • Air Pressure Regulator

Frame Design

The RTR PRO ATC Router is an advanced CNC router, featuring a fully welded frame made from laser-cut American steel for exceptional strength and durability. It includes over 50 mounting holes for versatile setups and heavy-duty 23mm linear rails for precise and smooth operation. The router’s construction emphasizes precision engineering with laser-cut and laser-aligned components.

Drive System

The drive system is designed for performance with features like high-power servo motors for all axes, HG-23 linear bearings for stability, gear and rack drives for the X and Y axes, and a reverse-mounted Z axis to protect components. Precision mechanical gear reductions and optional heavy-duty Z axis enhance accuracy and versatility. An automotive-style wiring harness ensures reliability.


In collaboration with CNC Depot, the router features an ATC spindle with an ISO30 tool taper, compact design, ABEC 7 dual angular contact bearings, integrated electric fan cooling, and a high-speed 3hp induction motor. The spindle is maintenance-free, featuring high-quality bearings from GMN in Germany, with final assembly and manufacturing taking place in Tennessee.

Software and Controller

After extensive testing, Planet CNC software was chosen for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. The router supports 9-axis control and includes customized Planet CNC TNG software and a laptop. An upgrade option for a high-spec gaming laptop is available for advanced CAD and CAM applications.

Servo Motors

The router’s high-power, closed-loop servo motors deliver exceptional performance with rapid traverse and cutting feed rates of up to 3000 in/min. These motors ensure precise movements and reliability, maintaining accuracy even at high speeds. Despite its advanced features, the router remains competitively priced.

Overall, the RTR PRO ATC Router combines precision, durability, and advanced technology to meet the needs of professional users, offering unmatched performance and value.

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