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XT-50 kit OPT Diode Laser

XT-50 kit OPT Diode Laser

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PLH3D-XT-50 Specialized Engraving Laser Head

PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads were created as a series of specialized laser heads for engraving with extremely high resolution and cutting thing materials with ultra-thin line. PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads are build based on PLH3D-6W-Series engraving laser heads. All advantages of PLH3D-6W-Series are inherited by PLH3D-XT-Series laser heads.

Kit includes

  • PLH3D-XT-50 Specialized Engraving Laser Head 
  • 19V 2.5A Desktop Power Supply for PLH3D-CNC Adapter with adapter US/UK
  • PLH3D-CNC Adapter 
  • PLH3D-6W Height Reference Tool
  • PLH3D-CNC Adapter to Laser Head Cable (5 m/16 ft) $4.50
  • Laser Safety Glasses
  • Mounting plate 
  • RTR to Opt laser Com Cable
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